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At Kimetrica we value analytical skills and creative flare more than we value formal qualifications. We value teams more than we value hierarchies. We value quality more that we value scale, and we value initiative more than we value obedience. We hire fresh graduates with little experience but exceptional analytical skills, and we hire experienced professionals at the top of their game. We offer fresh challenges, competitive packages, and performance-related bonuses. Much of our work is online and we offer highly flexible arrangements that allow you to combine working with Kimetrica with academic research and childcare.

Current Opportunities

Kimetrica Limited has the following immediate openings:

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Kimetrica offers full and part-time student internships geared toward providing a challenging work experience Internships are usually based in either our Nairobi or Boulder offices. Our interns gain valuable field experience in activities ranging from database design, household survey management, and project evaluation to advanced data analysis and research. Interns must share Kimetrica's commitment to combating poverty and disease and have a strong interest in at least one of Kimetrica's core business areas -- project design and management, measurement systems, non-profit finance, supply chain management and disaster management. Typically, our interns are advanced undergraduates or postgraduates, with some quantitative and/or IT skills. Kimetrica interns are willing to work in an environment that is intellectually and sometimes physically challenging, and they value experience above cash remuneration. If you think that you fit this profile, send your CV and letter of interest to

Kimetrica is a social enterprise where every employee has previous work experience in the non-profit sector, so we understand your challenges and opportunities.